Happy friendship day 2016

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How To Spread the friendship chain

Friends are the special ones in your life. They are the ones you connect with, not by the ties of blood but the bond of heart. You choose them over millions of others only because you can identify some part of yourself in them. Friendship Day is the time to appreciate all your friends, all […]

Secrets Of Friends In Friendship Day 2016

Keeping secrets comes so natural to friends that it becomes a part and parcel of friendship. They are our own soul’s reflection, and our soul-mates too. However, you may need to exercise some caution. Here is a relationship guide. Who is a True Friend? Well the answer is quite complex yet simple. A true friend […]

What kind of a friend are you

Friendship is precious. But, getting faithful and friendly friends is a real tough task. Isn’t it? If you can know your personality traits, then it would be easier to portray your image in front of your friends. Be familiar with what your birth date says about you as a friend? Grasp the opportunity with both […]

Why Friendships Never Last??????

It’d be great if you could freeze time and take all those wonderful friends you have and keep them just as they are. Forever. But as we know, friendships change. Rarely is a friendship ever set in place, perfectly complete and without some conflict. There are probably friends you get along with better than others, […]