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Friendship Day Activities , Ideas of Celebration And Tribute to a Friend


Friendship Activities and Ideas of Celebration:

A simple idea would be to write a nice card for your friend telling them how much you appreciate their friendship. Please be open in your expression and spill out your heart to them!
To touch your friend’s heart buy or make them a small present such as flowers, chocolates, friendship bands, a cake, or anything that your friend will appreciate! And how about leaving the gift anonymously for added intrigue!
Give a warm hug to your friend and let them that have a special place in your heart!
Make it a point to call or SMS every one of your friends, old and new, on Friendship Day to let them know you care.
Write your friend a web page to express your friendship online
Ring up a radio station and dedicate a song to Friendship Day and your friends!

A wonderful idea would be to make some new friends on the occasion by becoming a doer of RAOK – Random Acts of Kindness
Buy your friend a ticket to the theatre so you can enjoy a great show together. If you can’t afford this, downscale to the movies!
Give your friend a Friendship Bracelet (made or bought) to symbolize your friendship.
Grab a camera or visit a photo studio and take some photos of you and your friends enjoying yourselves! This is beautiful way to preserve memory.

More Thoughtful Friendship Activities:

Prepare a CD or a cassette that features all the songs that define your friendship or ones that you just happen to mutually like!
Submit a Friendship Tribute to your friend to be posted on the web.
Do call all those old friends you haven’t spoken to in ages. Remember the girl scout motto – “Make new friends and keep the old, one is silver and the other gold”!

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Send your dear friends an online Friendship greeting and add a special message.
Make a special friendship book for your best friend. You may include photos, quotes and poetry telling your friends how special they are.
Invite your closest buddies over for a sleepover! Rent some movies, plan out games and arrange for chips, chocolate, cold-drinks and other goodies!

If possible bring some blankets outside and watch the stars.
You may also plan a special day with your best friend or friendship group. A picnic is always a fun idea, and great for all ages. If your group loves adventure you may plan activities such as bowling, golf, boating, river-rafting, cricket or going to the beach.
If you are all busy during the day, plan to go out to dinner with your friends. Dress up in your finest and have a fun night that’s different and rocking.
If possible host a Friendship Dinner Party at your home!

Tribute to a Friend

Friendship Day is celebrated in honor of friends who make our lives so special and help us give a meaningful direction to our lives. On Friendship Day people must pay sincerest tribute to friends, both old and new, and appreciate the important role played by them in shaping their lives.


Significance of Friends:

True friendship is about putting your feet up and knowing that someone is there to bail you out when the world might walk out on you. Besides, as a support system in today’s hectic world, friends are the most reliable sources for social, intellectual and creative stimulations.

In the present fast pace age of nuclear families where people have little time to spend with each other, friends have become indispensable. Then there are times when we find it tough to discuss matters with our family members or even with our spouse, it is on occasions such as these that friends come to our support. They guide us and become our pillar of strength when we need them most. And the best part is we don’t really need to put things in words when communicating issues to our best friends. Most often friends understand us, just by looking at us or hearing our voice. This heart-to-heart bonding is what makes friendship so exclusive, setting it apart from all other relationships.


Significance of Expressing Love to Friends:

Howsoever strong a relationship maybe, it constantly needs to be nurtured with love and care. We must therefore never lose an opportunity to express our feelings and the warmth we may be experiencing for our friends. We may do this by sending flowers, a heartfelt card or a thoughtful gift. We may also do this by being together with a friend in times of joy or sorrow. The idea is to keep expressing our unconditional love and support to our dearest friend let the friendship evolve.

Significance of Friendship Day:

At times we get so busy in our daily lives that we start taking our friends for granted. It is the annual celebration of Friendship Day that reminds us that we must cherish the presence of friends in our lives and acknowledge with love the important role they play in our lives. One must therefore celebrate friendship on Friendship Day to the fullest and let their friendship soar to newer heights.

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